Åre Extereme Challenge Kajak hyra / Prijon Seayak 500

A fast reliable seakayak for the small to medium sized paddler. Ideal for the river class for those on the smaller size. Incredible comfort will see you are in fine form when transitioning into the run. 

With it wide trihedral hull it will be stable through the rapåids leaving you to focus more on the paddle strokes past those who took a too unstable kayak into the river section.

On the lake this again is incredibly stable and we have had many happy customers comment how they also passed many surfski paddlers swimming on the lake when conditions were windy and difficult.

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2 190,00 kr

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INFORMATION IN ENGLISH: For our international competitors.

Cancellation: Due to high demand leading up to the event we have these conditions for cancelling your booking.

Uptill 60 days before event 90% returned after receiving your bank details.

Uptill 30 days before event 75% a returned after receiving your bank details

Less than 30 days before event no refunds are given.                     

Kajaktiv provides:

River class Kajaktiv provides kayaks (PE materials only), paddle,spraydeck, life jacket and helmet,                           

Lake class we provide kayak / ski,spraydeck (leash to surfskis), lifejacket and paddle, please give us your height and weight with booking.   

Pick up: You can collect your kayak / Ski from thursday morning before the race day to use for practice.                           

Race day: We deliver can your kayak if we are informed to the start, for Lake Class the night before, for River Class we deliver your kayaks to the carpark in the morning with plenty of time to carry it down the path to the start, but it is your responsibillity to see it is loaded the night before and secured on our trailer.                           

Return: We collect your kayak when you finish the paddle, your support crew can leave your equipment in the kayak or hand it to us.                                   

Damages & loss: You are responsible for the safety and care of your kayak and equipment, should any product rentedbe damaged we will charge you the repair costs for parts and labour, if it is lost, stolen or broken beyond repair we will invoice kayak / ski less your rental fee. For paddles, lifejacket, helmet and spraydecks it will be at recommended retail less 15% 

IMPORTANT: By booking and paying for this rental service you agree to these terms.                       

Mer information:
Material HTP (blåsmodulerad plast)
Längd 470 cm
Vikt 26 kg
Bredd 59 cm
Vikt på paddlaren +90 kg till ÅEC
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