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Adventure in Dalarna

We offer experiences and courses for the whole family in the heart of Dalarna.

Below you will find our range of adventures and courses

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Rafting and whitewater paddling with kayak and packrafts

Rafting, half day

Rafting, full day

Whitewater kayaking, Level 1

Whitewater Kayaking, Level 2

Advanced Whitewater Kayaking Course

Whitewater Kayaking in Trysil

Women only Whitewater Kayaking Course

Packrafting, basic course 2 days

Paddle a kayak in the midnight sun.

Kayak Rescue Technique Course

Zero to Hero

Paddling - Family course

Family adventures and guided tours

Paddle a kayak in the midnight sun.

Try long-distance paddling


Paddling - Family course

Family Paddling Adventure with swimming & lunch, full day

Half-day paddle adventure for family and friends

Special events and activities

Nordic Packraft Roundup 2024

Brass Monkey Weekend 2024

About our popular adventures and courses

Every summer, hundreds of people come to us in Dalarna to experience something out of the ordinary. The popularity of our courses is largely due to the fact that they suit almost everyone while offering a unique experience. If you are looking for tranquility and a peaceful adventure, you might choose our tours with SUP or sea kayaking in the scenic Malingarna, for example. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more excitement, we offer adventures in the rapids from half a day to two days. With us, you can raft with your children for four hours or take a two-day course in whitewater paddling. The beautiful Lissforsen is located right outside our course center in Dala-Floda. Whether you are looking for a shorter adventure heading north or south, or want to stay a little longer and learn the basics of whitewater paddling, you will find the adventure here.

We offer adventures and courses in:

  • Packrafting / Whitewater Rafting
  • Whitewater Paddling
  • SUP Paddling
  • Long-distance Paddling
  • Safety

Our experienced guides have solid training and are passionate about passing on their knowledge and introducing more people to the many aspects of paddling.

We offer accommodation in a hostel-style setting with a shared kitchen, shared showers and toilets, barbecue areas, and our popular sauna and SPA pool for those who want to stay overnight. Read more about the accommodation here »

Welcome to a real adventure in Dalarna!

Enjoy our spa facility with sauna and hot tub.

After your adventure, you can enjoy our wood-fired sauna and SPA pool. This SPA corner is located only 60 meters from the beautiful Lissfors, and if you want to take a refreshing dip after the sauna, there is a safe and calm corner in the rapids where you can cool off (you should not swim in the rapids). Our SPA corner can also be booked for, for example, hen parties, group of friends, and conferences. Contact for booking.

Sauna and SPA pool are included in all courses with overnight stay or full day (read the detailed information for each course). For other courses and adventures, this can be purchased as an add-on.

James venimore founder of Kajaktiv

About Kajaktiv - Sweden's paddle center

Kajaktiv AB was founded in 1995 by James Venimore and has always focused on helping people get out on the water and in nature from day one. We have always had high standards for quality in our carefully selected products, and our goal is to have satisfied customers who feel confident with their equipment no matter what sport they practice. We always strive to offer exceptional service and are happy to give you tips and advice if you have any questions.

Over the years, we have learned to adapt each course to the participants’ experience. By doing so, we build trust and confidence, which means you learn more and have more fun when challenging yourself on the water.

We have high standards for our instructors – they must not only have years of paddling experience, but they must also be passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge and experiences. This has always been a cornerstone of Kajaktiv’s course activities and is a significant contributing factor to why our courses receive such great reviews.

You can come to us with friends, partners, children, or completely on your own – here you will always meet new friends and like-minded people. You can come here for adventure, relaxation, or just to get away and try something new. We hope we have the opportunity to show you and share our passion with you this season!