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Etbl 1995

Adventure in Dalarna

Join us on adventures or rent your equipment from us. We have everything in kayak, packraft, canoe and SUP board.

Below you see our range of adventures and courses.

Are you looking for something tailored? Contact us at kurs@kajaktiv.se or call +46 70 314 79 93.

Forsränning, halvdag

Paddla packraft med vänner och familj

Forsränning, heldag

Paddla packraft med vänner och familj

Forspaddlingskurs, steg 1

En tvådagarskurs i forspaddling för nybörjare i Dala-Floda, Dalarna

Forspaddlingskurs, steg 2

För dig som redan har gått nybörjarkursen

Avancerad forspaddling, steg 3

För dig som vill ta forspaddlingen ett steg längre

Tjejkurs i forspaddling

En tvådagarskurs för nybörjare

Packrafting, grundkurs

Följ med på en guidad tur nedför Västerdalälven i Dalarna

Packrafting, grundkurs 2 dagar

Gå vår populära packraftkurs med grundläggande teknik och säkerhet

Kajaktur i Malingarna

med grundkurs i långfärdspaddling

Kayak Rescue Technique Kurs

Lär dig säkerhet och hur man arbetar som ett team i forsen

About our popular adventures and courses

Every summer, hundreds of people come to us in Dalarna to experience something out of the ordinary. Our courses are so highly appreciated is largely due to the fact that they suit almost everyone while offering a unique experience.

If you are looking for peace and quiet adventure, you can choose our trips with SUP or sea kayaking in scenic Malingarna for example. If, on the other hand, you are looking for more adrenaline driven adventure, we offer adventures in the rapids from half to two days. With us, you can go rafting with the children for four hours or take a two-day course in paddling. With groups we are also flexible to tailor make a booking for you depending on group size and amount of time. We also can help with conferences and company activities.

We are based in Lissforsen in Dalarna three hours from Stockholm and good train connections from Arlanda international Airport with pick ups in Djurås. We have unique environment with class 2-3 rapids directly in front of our base, with more sections to paddle upstream, then we have calm waters below for canoeing and stand up paddling. There is also of great trails for mountain biking, trail running or walking right next to us.

Whether you are looking for a shorter adventure on the way north or south, or want to stay a little longer and learn the basics of paddling, you will find the adventure here.

We have adventures and courses in:

Our experienced English speaking guides have solid training and are passionate about passing on the knowledge and introducing more people to the many aspects of kayaking.

We offer fully equipped youth hostel standard accommodation complete after paddling / relax area with  wood fired sauna and SPA pool making your day with us a little more special.

Contact us directly for personal help kurs@kajaktiv.se or use our messenger chat.

Welcome to a real adventure in Dalarna.

Enjoy our spa facility with sauna and hot tub

After your adventure you can enjoy our wood-fired sauna and SPA pool. This SPA corner is only 60 meters from beautiful Lissfors and if you want to take a cool dip under the sauna.

Our SPA area can also be booked for, for example, bridal parties and groups of friends. Contact kurs@kajaktiv.se for booking.

Sauna and SPA pool are included in all overnight courses. For other courses and adventures you can buy this as a supplement.

About Kajaktiv - Sweden's paddle center

Kajaktiv AB was founded in 1995 by James Venimore and has since day one focused on helping people get out on the water and in nature. We have always had high demands on quality in our carefully selected products and our goal is to have satisfied customers who feel safe with their equipment no matter what sport they practice. We always strive to offer exceptional service and are happy to give you tips and advice if you have any questions.

Over the years, we have learned to adapt each course to the participants’ experiences. By doing so, we build security and confidence, which means that you learn more and have more fun when you challenge yourself on the water.

We place high demands on our instructors – they must not only have many years of experience in paddling, they must also be passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge and experience. It has always been one of the cornerstones of Kajaktiv’s course activities and is a strong contributing factor to our courses receiving such good reviews.

You can come to us with your friend, partner, your children or all by yourself – here you always meet new friends and like-minded people. You can come here for the sake of adventure, for the sake of relaxation or just to get away and try something new. We hope we have the opportunity to show you and share our passion this season!